Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wk 4 Project

What a week. My only free time this week will begin as soon as I publish this blog! I had started creating my presentation using the Quantel editing software we use at work. I wanted to be able to utilize a software I was very familiar with and that could do more than Keynote could. But then I found out we needed to use Keynote or Power Point so I had to quickly redo everything!

I finished that and got my wonderful critical friends to spend their time being presented to.

My only concern going forward is that most of these business conferences charge a lot of money to attend as a presenter. I'm talk a grand or more. I don't have that kind of money so we will see how this goes as next month's class starts.


Wk 4 Publishing Leadership Project

I plan on trying to attend a regional conference/expo here in Connecticut. There are a lot of media and insurance companies here in CT so this could work.

My second option is something from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) as so helpfully pointed out by Jacqueline.

My only concern with these things is that there are steep, steep prices to attend. I don't have a thousand dollars to spare for something like this. It concerns me going forward.

Wk4 Wimba (Presentation Feedback)

I was not able to attend any Wimba session due to work, so here is my blog post about it. Firstly, here is a link to my Keynote presentation:

Secondly, here is the feedback Erin and Evelyn gave me:

Evelyn: My main suggestion to Bryan was introducing himself more at the start of the presentation. I think it’s good to learn a little history about someone first. Bryan sent me changes the next day and I like what he added!

Erin: The first thing I noticed with presentation was the color scheme. I though it had a catchy pastel feel to it. I really liked it. We discussed whether or not they were too simple. I know Bryan as an editor and I know sometimes he prefers things clean and sharp. I suggested maybe adding some of the pictures from his website, but we talked how it might be distracting.

I thought it had a good length and seemed to encapsulate his project very well.

Thank you to my critical friends, all who have helped me throughout this process.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wk4 Response to Blogs

@ Gregg

That is fantastic that you have found some very apt journals to publish your paper! I am beginning to question my choice of doing a presentation as there seems to be very few places for me to showcase it. On the other hand, there are dozens of business journals out there if I had went the paper route.

Did you look at places to present during any of this? If so, I was just wondering what your search tactics were...

--- and a little patience gets me:

@ Jacqueline

I haven't checked any of the links yet, but you are amazing! I have been having trouble finding places to showcase my presentation, and your blog could possibly be a huge help!

I've never had to represent my company before, so it's a scary notion.

But I will exploring the links in your blog as soon as I get out of work tonight!


Wk4 Reading

I admit I am skeptical person, and a lot of people I know would say I’m hard-headed. While blogging about the book The Art of Possibility, I have questioned a lot of the tactics as they do not always align with my personal theories.

But I really liked the section on “enrollment”. That is something that I think can be helpful in any person’s life, including my own. While I’m not sure about the terminology and associating it with college or a yoga class, I fully support the idea of being excited about things, especially in the workplace. While people may not adopt or agree with your ideas, the concept of offering your excitement, to put it out there, is a wonderful idea.

As the book says, they may not always be receptive, but the possibility is there that they could be receptive. And at what cost to you? Very little. Maybe exposing some passion you have for you job? Big deal. That’s a good thing. And sincerity goes a long way. Maybe they won’t be receptive the first time, but upon seeing numerous, sincere attempts on your part, you could whittle away at any barriers.

In such a busy, stressful time for me, this was a nice closing section to reflect upon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wk 4 Present or Publish?

This is an easy choice for me: I am going to present. The reason for this is because I'm a video editor by trade, so I speak visually all the time. While I have been using iMovie all year, I can't stand using it. It's such a clunky piece of editing software. So I am going to create my video on Quantel. It will still be a presentation, but controlling fonts and graphics are so much easier for me in Quantel, and I think it will come out much sharper.

Wk 3 Project

Writing 120 words has never been so hard! I started off with a metaphor, which I thought was helpful in understanding the problem I was addressing. Other than that, I wrote what I thought needed to be in while also trying to keep it short. I came out to 127 words and then had to get creative with deleting unnecessary words. After some tinkering, I ended up with 119 words. Perfect.

Now I'm off to worry about my assignment for the next week...