Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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ESPN – Since this is where I work, it was a logical Website to RSS. Ironically, not every person who gets a job at ESPN is a sports fan. But once you start working there, you better start following the sporting world a lot closer, even in sports you hate (like I hate baseball, but you have to know things like how the Rays are in a huge slump and that Ubaldo Jimenez is pitching out of this world).

Deadspin – This actually might be a more important site to follow in many ways. Deadspin sort of mocks the coverage of other sports journalists (like ESPN) so you get a kind of “real person” perspective on what you produce. They will point out mistakes that ESPN makes (and possible the editor who edited it), so it is important to keep up with Deadspin to avoid some of the pitfalls that lay ahead.

Video Co-Pilot Blog – This is an After Effects blog that showcases different techniques in editing. While I train people on Quantel, the Quantel community is sorely lacking. However, After Effects’ community is thriving and I like to use it to motivate and inspire new (and old) editors. Just seeing something cool can spark an idea and you’re off to start a project of your own.

Corporate Trainer Blog – This is a new Website to me, but I figured reading the blog of a corporate trainer would help me get ideas and just be able to relate to the experiences that he writes about.

Sports Illustrated – Keep up to date with a rival. Part of our job is coming up with stories and themes and being in the know (outside of ESPN’s vision) is important. Is some streak coming up? Did SI find a story that ESPN did not? SI has a great reputation so it is one of the better rivals to follow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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