Friday, February 4, 2011

wk1 prroject post (free choice)

Just finished my taxes. About to edit my Lit Review for the last time. It will be nice having these things out of the way. Good 1st week of a new class at school. Worrying about what's ahead but just have put my head down down and get through it all.

Cooked some homemade ginger ale and am about to drink some. A little bit of vodka might find its way into the glass...

Football is almost over and then work turns into a college basketball love fest. Good thing a lot of networks are HD because I'm a huge HD snob thanks to editing.

Week 2 here I come...

1 comment:

  1. Bryan,

    After reading your free choice post, I had to comment on it.

    I am proud of you...yet jealous that your taxes are done. My W2s are sitting on my desk, staring at me right now.

    Your homemade Ginger ale has inspired me to drink some this evening.

    And I am taking Green Bay 23 - Pittsburgh 20 in the big dance this weekend. March madness will be taking over my life soon. Any good pools I should know about?

    Finally, HD is like a second wife to me. If the show is not in HD, I change the channel and try to tell it to make me something to eat.

    Great post Bryan.